Forest School

How does Forest School benefit my child?

Children are stimulated and intrigued by outdoor environments, this taps into a child’s natural curiosity. Children who play in natural environments undertake more diverse, creative and imaginative play.

Research has shown that Forest School:

encourages motivation
increases self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief
helps development of communication & language skills
encourages exploration of social relationships and development of social skills
encourages team building skills
encourages personal responsibility and independence – e.g. making informed choices, using initiative to solve
problems, learning to evaluate risk
gives an understanding that improves the relationship with the outdoors
gives ownership and pride in the local environment and respect for natural environments.

In addition your child will benefit from:

increased oxygen = increased brain functions
increased vitamin D production
gross motor & fine motor movement/skills & physical exercise
reduced stress from being outdoors through reduced Cortisol (a stress chemical in the body)
play outdoors increases the speed of messages between all parts of the brain and nervous system

Forest School Diary 

w/c 5th October 2015 

On Monday morning a group of children from Springs’ had a walk to Lively Land.  The children lead the way around the paths to the log circle next to the river.  We searched for small dry sticks to make a waffle and then dry grasses to add to a pyramid of taller sticks for the Kelly kettle.  The children all sat down on their logs before the fire was lit and waited patiently for their snack followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows! 

After our snack the children again lead the way around Lively Land this time with giant silver stars.  The children left one star in each of their favourite places in Lively Land and we talked about what they liked about each area and the animals that like it there too! 

On Tuesday morning and afternoon sessions groups of children from Springs’  planted daffodil bulbs in the Nature Garden, played with the musical instruments and had fun with the water and the mud kitchen. 

On Wednesday morning children from Springs’ looked for snails and planted more bulbs.  In the afternoon a group from Springs’ made another spider’s web on our shelter using string and had lots of fun with the water, the wheelbarrow, the mud kitchen and the musical instruments. 

On Thursday morning a small mixed group of children from both Springs’ and Meadows’ went to the Nature Garden.   In the afternoon we found waterproofs and wellingtons for all the children in Springs’ and took them to the Nature Garden.   During both sessions we planted bulbs, played in the mud kitchen, played the giant symbol and of course everyone had a chance to jump in the muddy puddle! 

In the afternoon we decorated a bush with pink wool to look like a spider had been very busy making webs!  

On Friday morning it was cold and the grass and shrubs in the Nature Garden still glistened with dew from the fog earlier in the morning.  Our snail (on the whiteboard) had disappeared!  We had lots of fun exploring the garden and playing with water before sitting down in the log circle to light our Kelly kettle.  Everyone sat really patiently whilst we lit the fire! 

As the weather gets colder we will use our Kelly kettle more and more to keep the children warm with hot drinks. Please send in lots of small dry sticks and any dry grass if you find any for our Kelly kettle.  Extra resources are always handy especially on rainy days. 

Lots of layers are really important during colder months and thermals are a really good way to keep warm too especially under waterproofs.  Any rugs or blankets which we could use outdoors whilst the children sit down for snack would be very much appreciated.  We will of course keep a careful eye on the children and avoid water play in the Nature Garden but also take the group in when they are cold. 

Next week at Forest School we will be making dream catchers! They are quite tricky so extra pairs of hands are especially welcome!

Forest School Diary 

W/c 21 September 2015 

On Monday morning all the children had lots of fun searching for carrots in the garden. Everyone had the opportunity to practise peeling them with a vegetable peeler before eating them for snack.  We talked about where carrots grow and what animals like to eat them. 

On Tuesday morning we took a group of children to Lively Land!  Everyone did really well getting dressed into their waterproofs and wellingtons. Before we leave for Forest School part of the routine is to count the children, the teachers and the cuddly toys!  The children count everyone again when we return to Pre-School. Regular counts are made by the staff during the session to ensure that no one has strayed as we go through any gates and at regular intervals during a session. The children are continuing to learn about boundaries and are told how important it is to stay close to the adults particularly in Lively Land. Carrots had been hidden around Lively Land and the children had lots of fun searching for them along the path. The children talked about the animals that might live there and decided to leave some of the carrots for the deer and rabbits to eat! 

On Tuesday afternoon we took a small group of children to the Nature Garden to search for carrots hidden in lots of usual and unusual places!  We practised peeling them and the children were able to eat them as part of their snack. 

On Thursday morning we took all the children from Meadows’ to the Nature Garden where they too searched for carrots and played in the mud kitchen! We also had fun with sticky coloured eyes on the cuddly toys, sticks and pebbles. This gave us the opportunity to practise colours as well as counting today. In the afternoon we searched for carrots in the Nature Garden with a group of children from springs’.  They had lots of fun making soup with carrots, potatoes, apples, pears, mud and water in a big bucket!  They worked really well together as a team using buckets, spades and the wheelbarrow.  Everyone had lots of fun exploring every corner of the Nature Garden and also playing in the mud kitchen.

Apologies to any parents whose children had to be changed because of wet sleeves as despite everyone wearing waterproof suits they are sometimes dipping their arms in the water bucket! It would be fantastic if you could send in a spare jumper on your child’s Forest School day which we can dress them in before going outside. Please be assured that at the same time we will do our best to make sure they don’t get too carried away and that they are changed if they do. Also if any child is under the weather with a cold please let us know and we will keep them warm and dry within our main setting.

On Friday morning a group of children from springs’ left a carrot trail across Ramsey’s playground and through Lively Land!  We also took our Kelly kettle and some small sticks to Lively Land this morning where we sat in a log circle. The children tucked into their carrots and buttered their own toast before sitting down at a safe distance to watch a small fire being built and then lit for the Kelly kettle.  We used small dry sticks, dry grass, cotton wool and our last match to light the fire on our first attempt! Everyone listened and watched as we waited for the kettle to boil before being offered hot chocolate and marshmallows!  Bottled water and cold milk was also offered as an alternative to hot chocolate. We listened to all the sounds in Lively Land and talked about the animals that live in the river and the trees. We tried to follow our carrot trail back to Pre-School but the carrots on the playground had disappeared!  We think the big children had found them during their morning break?! We picked up our trail again as we neared Pre-School. 

As parents you are just as welcome as your children to come and join us at Forest School!  Every Monday morning Mrs Freaks has kindly allowed Pre-School to use Ramsey Manor Lower School’s Lively Land.  Occasionally we are lucky enough to be offered additional mornings which is something we really appreciate.  All other Forest School sessions are held in our Nature Garden where we have just as much fun, learn just as much but in a smaller setting. 

Next week we are going to be making headdresses/crowns with leaves!  We would love for you to collect as many dry and different leaves as you can find and bring them into Pre-School.

18th September 2015  

Today as we tidied up weeds and our pots we found lots of snails!  We counted a line of small snails as they followed each other out of a pot to find some shade.  The children watched, watered and touched another snail.  They were fascinated as it came out of its shell and extended its eyes which disappeared when the children touched them!  We also found a few potatoes growing in our digging area!  

This has been the first week of our new school year and the children have all done a fantastic job both remembering and also learning for the first time our Forest School routine.  We have been practising getting dressed into our waterproofs and also spoken about safe boundaries around our Nature Garden.  

This week’s activity was Sounds at Forest School!  This morning we used sticks to make music with the pots, pans, logs, and big metal gates.  We also listened to the sounds of different birds, cars, aeroplanes, the wind in the trees, children playing and dogs barking.  

This morning we found still more potatoes growing in our digging area.  Some were teeny weenie and there were some big ones too!  The children washed them under the tap before putting them into saucepans and the oven in our mud kitchen.   

In the afternoon all of the children from Springs got dressed in their waterproofs and went out to explore our Nature Garden, its mud kitchen, the water and watering cans and had fun jumping in the muddy puddle!  

In the morning we had a walk to Lively Land where we talked about and looked at good and bad berries before picking and counting blackberries.  We talked about how some berries can make us sick and to only pick berries with an adult.  We took the blackberries back to Pre-School where we washed them and had them as part of our afternoon snack.  

In the morning all the children from Meadows had lots of fun searching for potatoes in the Nature Garden which had been hidden for them!  They also had lots of fun with the water, mud kitchen and muddy puddle!   

In the afternoon all the children from Springs went for a walk to Lively Land.  We all sat in a log circle next to the river to have a snack and hot chocolate (or water).  Then we found Lively Land’s big climbing tree and everyone had the opportunity to climb and sit on its big branch or look for small sticks around its base.  

We ended the week with more potatoes in the Nature Garden.  We searched for them, washed them, pretended to cook them and then made some of them into potato characters.  We used seaweed, shells, elastic bands and felt tip pens to make a potato man and a potato bird!  

We had continued with our Sounds at Forest School activity all week but this is something which is always part of our Forest School sessions particularly when we are sitting down waiting for our snack and hot chocolate. All parents are welcome to come and join us at Forest School, particularly if you could help us with planting fruit or vegetables or just to come and jump with us in muddy puddles.

11th September 2015

This week we welcomed back all our keen Forest School Children on Monday when everyone was very keen to put on their wellies and jump in muddy puddles! 

We had lots of fun exploring our Nature Garden.  Our Sunflowers have grown tall over the holiday and so have all the children!  The mud kitchen together with the outside tap have proved popular as usual, not forgetting our Forest School special muddy puddle! 

On Tuesday we found lots of broad beans and opened them to find the magic beans inside!  We used chalks this week to draw a giant sunflower with all the teacher’s names and pictures on our log circle in the garden.   

On Wednesday we turned pebbles and shells from the seaside into characters using glue and eyes.  We also coloured seal and puffin in masks and talked about where they live, what they eat and how they move. 

On Thursday all the children from Meadows learnt about getting dressed for Forest School and its boundaries.  They had lots of fun with water and the mud kitchen before getting wet and muddy in the waterproofs and playing in the muddy puddle! 

The children haven’t forgotten that Forest School also means Hot Chocolate and a yummy snack!  So of course we didn’t disappoint them! 

Hopefully tomorrow we will have some blackberries to pick which we will do very carefully. 

We can’t wait for our new starters to get in to Forest School too!

10th July 2015

At Forest School this week we have been working hard using tools to finish our Forest School key rings! 

The children have used their imagination to decorate their own individually designed key fobs.  Look out for them in your child’s book bag! 

 As you know on Mondays we regularly have the opportunity to visit ‘Lively Land’ and next week we are hoping to have the opportunity to visit throughout our final week depending on weather conditions. 

Some great news for all our children who are moving up to Ramsey Lower School next year too.  They are looking at purchasing their own mud kitchen so the children can continue to be able to enjoy imaginary play using natural resources ie. sticks, pinecones, mud and water!  They are also hoping to be allocated sessions to take Rainbow’s children to ‘Lively Land’. 

During our two Forest School sessions in ‘Lively Land’ on Monday the children led the way around the paths.  On our way we found some cherries fallen on the ground and lots growing on trees too.  We stopped to pick some up and counted them all to see who had the most. 

 The children chose to stop at Arnold Academy’s big gates in the hope they may see some of their older brothers or sisters practicing for Sports’ Day.  We stayed briefly to watch them running races and playing football on their field. 

 Next stop was the big tree which everyone managed to climb on at the same time! 

 Then onto the stream to do some fishing and some good balancing to cross the log bridge to the island on the other side! 

 Finally to one of the log circles in the shade to have a drink and snack before returning back to Pre-School. 

 In our Nature Garden this week we have had just as much fun!  Using the hand drills, making dinner in the mud kitchen, filling the muddy puddle, picking and eating peas and finally on Friday pulling up our potatoes!  The children washed them and then the potatoes were cooked for snack on Friday afternoon.  They were really good! 

 Parent helpers are very welcome this week in particular especially for our Teddy Bears’ Picnic! 

Thank you to all parents who have been so supportive of our Forest School!  To those who have donated wellingtons, socks, tools, money to buy tools and clothing, their time to help or just taken the time to encourage and allow their children to get muddy and explore the natural world!   

 Have a great summer holiday and don’t forget to collect as many shells, sticks, pinecones, etc for our Nature Garden as you can find! 


3rd July 2015

Both last week and this we have spent Monday’s exploring Lively Land and searching for leaves and flowers. 

For the rest of each week we have had fun searching for more leaves and flowers in the Nature Garden. 

Last week we had popcorn for snack and are hoping to be able to cook it on our Kelly Kettle soon!  This week the children have still asked for hot chocolate!  We have made sure at Forest School that we have stayed in the shade as much as possible.  We have had lots to drink sitting the children down together to have 2/3 drinks extra on hot days. 

The water play and walks along the stream have been really important not just for opportunities to learn but to also keep us cool.  Our Nature garden plants have needed lots of water too. 

This week we have been learning how to use a hand drill.  Lots of the children have really enjoyed this activity and will have something special to show you at the Luau! 

Have a great weekend!

5th June 2015 

On Monday we had two trips to Lively Land to feed the Dinosaurs! We found lots of different leaves, some were very small and some very big ones too. We decided that the dinosaurs would like the big leaves and some sticks.

We went on an expedition looking for footprints and any signs of dinosaurs but couldn’t find them.  We left them some food near the big gates to Arnold’s field just in case they were hungry.

The children wanted to look at the stream on the way back to camp but the bank was slippery and both Zoe and “Forest” the dog fell in.  They were both fine just a little embarrassed.

For the rest of the week the younger children had lots of fun in the Nature Garden looking for bugs and rebuilding the bug hotel.  We found ants, a millipede and a large black spider! Finally we ended the week with everyone jumping in a giant muddy puddle! 


There are no Forest School Sessions in the next two weeks as we have Parent Consultations.

15th May 2015

Forest School Diary

This week at Forest School we have had fun searching for drumsticks and making up our own rhythms on the trees and fences and of course on our pots and pans!

We had a lovely walk to Lively Land on Monday. We looked for sticks along the trail and climbed a big tree where we all sat together on a branch and pretended it was an aeroplane.

We used our sticks to fish catkins out of the stream before stopping for a snack in our log circle.

In the nature garden we’ve had lots of fun in our puddle suits pretending to be Peppa Pig or George and jumping in muddy puddles!

On Thursday as the weather turned colder we used our Kelly Kettle to make hot chocolate and on Friday we made hot chocolate and toasted marsh mallows too!

Next week we are going to make a pirate ship both in Lively Land and the Nature Garden!

8th May 2015

Forest School Diary

This week at Forest School we have been wearing our new puddle suits! They are great and the children love wearing them, thank you for all your contributions!

In the nature garden we have been making bark/tree rubbings using paper and crayons. We have looked at different types of bark and different leaves.

The children have also been searching for bugs by peeling off the bark and seeing the worms underneath the big logs.

The beginning of the week was very windy and we watched the clouds as they moved and changed from white to grey and then disappear when the sun returned again.

We have ended the week with a return to our favourite activity – big muddy puddles!!!

Could anyone help us to add some guttering in the Nature garden for the children’s water play? We are thinking of attaching some to the fence to make a big water feature, they would really love it! Please let us know.

Thank you

1st May 2015

Forest School Diary

This week we have had lots of fun planting vegetable seeds!

We have planted sunflowers, carrots, green beans, peas, beetroot and potatoes!

The children have particularly enjoyed getting really muddy! Next week we will be looking at leaves and naming different types of trees. Please can you bring in lots of different leaves and small branches or sticks to add to our nature garden!

Thank you to everyone who helped us look for “Forest” our Forest School dog. We found him hiding in our big cupboard!

Lastly could you all please have a look for new waterproofs for our Forest School whilst you are out shopping and please let either Charlie or our committee know if you see any special offers or items in the sale as they are particularly pricey!

Phonics School

This week we stuck to the fruit and veg theme to go with our Healthy lifestyle week.

We coloured in pictures of fruit and veg for the Forest School fence and discussed the first letters of those that we had planted.

We practised the sounds of the first letters of each colour of the fruit and vegetables that we used as well.

24th April 2015

Forest School Diary

We have had lots of fun this week collecting sticks to make a fire for our Kelly Kettle!

A Kelly Kettle has not bottom and the fire goes through the centre heating the water stored in the hollow walls.

The children all sat beautifully and we talked about how important it is not to play with matches or fire and also about who to ring if we see a fire at home.

On Monday we walked to Lively Land and had a walk next to the river. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource so close to us! We are hoping we will be able to go over more often soon.

For the rest of the week we stayed in our Nature Garden and had fun with the water and the mud kitchen. There was lots of blossom falling from the trees and the children thought it was snow!

Next week we will be planting lots of seeds in our containers so if you would like to come and help please do let us know!

17th April 2015

Forest School Diary

Welcome back everyone! We couldn’t believe how much everything had grown in our Nature Garden over Easter!

We can hear the birds singing but they are much harder to see with all the green leaves on the trees.

Unfortunately as well as the flowers and shrubs that have grown we also have lots of nettles and prickly weeds. It is therefore really important that the children have long sleeves as well as long trousers for Forest School. If any parents could lend a hand with weeding we would really appreciate it.

This week we have been talking about scarecrows and the children have helped to make their very own scarecrow. If you have any worn out clothes please send them in and maybe we could enter a local scarecrow competition?! Better still if you can help us come in and volunteer at Forest School! We also need some straw or hay to make our scarecrow even more authentic.

Next week as we will be talking about George and the Dragon, we are going to try to light our Kelly Kettle!

Phonics School

This week we have been sounding out the letters “S” “A”, “M” and “P”. We have thought of words beginning with these sounds.

We talked about the word “boat” today and broke down the sounds within it.

We also copied out the letters of the word “boat”.

Forest School Diary

March 2015 Week 10 

We’ve had lots of fun this week looking for chickens eggs in Lively Land and the Nature Garden!

The children were then given the opportunity to make a “Super Egg” with eyes, feathers and a Super Hero cape!

On Monday morning Edith the Chicken came to visit and all the children were given the chance to feed or stroke her.

We have also been learning a new song with the help of a branch, nest, chocolate egg and a bird; “In a wood there was a tree. The finest tree you ever did see. The tree was in the woo oo ood and the green grass grew around, around, around and the green grass grew around!”

We have lots of activities planned for the summer term but need your help with some natural resources please!

Please be on the look out for pebbles or shells from the beach and branches of Hazel or Elder.

Thank you and have a fabulous Easter Holiday!

Forest School Diary

March 2015 Week 9 

We have had a very exciting week at Forest School this week!

On Monday we went to Lively Land at Ramsey Manor Lower School! We walked around the boundaries before walking along the stream behind two ducks and then up a muddy bank! No one fell over and our wellingtons got wet and muddy!

Whilst we were there we talked about the stinging nettles, brambles, the big trees there are to climb and the animals that we might see if we were really quiet!

Deer hide in Lively Land but we didn’t see any this time as we were all so excited exploring the holes and thinking about all the aniimals that could live there!

In our Nature Garden we have been making lots of lovely dream catchers. We talked about how that like a little spiders web they could catch all the bad dreams and only let the good dreams through.

The children have continued to enjoy balancing on the logs and stepping stones, the mud kitchen, looking and listening for birds as well as our essential muddy puddle!

Next week we are talking about eggs and the animals that lay them and we have a chicken coming to visit us for circle time! If any one would like to bring in any other eggs or animals that lay them please speak to Sara or Shelby as we would love to see them!

Any volunteers to help during the week are greatly appreciated and especially on a Monday when we will be visiting Lively Land.

Lastly has anyone seen our Forest School Bear? He wears a leather jacket and looks a bit like a golden Labrador. We were using him to talk about what to wear at Forest School. His wellingtons and other clothes are still here but we have lost “Forest”! If you know where he is please do let us know!

Music School

This half term the children have been enjoying specialist music lessons courtesy of one of our Volunteer parents. We have been exploring using our voices in different ways and singing simple songs that will help us develop our singing muscles and learn to sing in tune.

We have also practised moving to the beat of the music and controlling simple percussion instruments to create different effects. In addition, we have practised the skills needed to learn to read music, reading from left to right, looking ahead and connecting symbols to sounds – which are also important skills needed for learning to read English too! As well as these musical skills, we have practised listening carefully, following instructions and taken it in turns to choose ways of singing the songs. And through all these activities the children have been learning about pitch, beat, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and expressing emotion through music – not that they’ll realise that at this stage, of course. As far as they’re concerned, they’ve just been having fun!

Forest School Diary

March 2015 Week 8 

We have had a fun week in our Nature Garden exploring and looking for worms and insects! On Monday Nicola came to help and together with the children they found lots of worms, a spider and a millipede or centipede! The majority of the children loved holding and watching the worms wriggle in their hands!

We have also been reading Super worm when we’ve had time whilst having our snack at Forest School!

The Forestry Commision have organised Super worm Activity Trails which will be running from 13 March until 31 October 2015. This year their activity is based on Julia Donaldson’s book about Super worm. Last year they had trails based on the Gruffalo!

Nearest Super worm Activity Trails are:

Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire

Fineshade Woods, Northamptonshire

High Lodge Thetford Forest, Norfolk.

If any of you would like to take part?!

On Thursday we sat on our circle of logs in the Nature Garden to have snack and hot chocolate. We were lucky to see a squirrel for the first time climbing along a branch on one the tall trees in Manor Road! Of course our Robin also made two brief appearances at the same time!

We have a new muddy puddle growing in our mud kitchen too this week which is an essential part of Forest School as well as hot chocolate! Oh I nearly forgot, we have also been making Bird feeders all week using pipe cleaners and cheerio’s which is really easy to do and you could try this at home too.

Anyone interested in another day out exploring may like to look at Kew Gardens as they are offering 20% discount on tickets for Shaun the Sheep at Kew Gardens if you book before 15 March. The festival runs over the Easter holidays form 28 March until 12 April.

Next Monday we are going to Lively Land for the day and would really appreciate any parent helpers for either the morning or afternoon sessions! We will also be making Dream catchers all week too!

Phonics School

This week we used our Show and Tell toys to sound out the first letters of the toys shown.

We have been learning about the letters in colours. We used our Gruffalo books collection to learn the sounds of the colours and blended the names of the colours as well.

Forest School Diary

March 2015 Week 7 

Our Forest School’s Nature Garden has had a big “Spring Clean”! Charlie worked really hard moving all our big tree stumps and the children have loved rolling logs and balancing as they jump from one stepping stone/tree stump to another.

We have been looking at Elder with its knobbly bark and spongy pith centre.

We had a lot of fun using loppers to cut the branches into small sections with a little help from an adult to keep us safe. We used a tent peg or small stick to remove the soft centre of the Elder.

Then the children practised peeling its bark with just their fingers to make patterns.

There are lots of photographs of all the different birds we have seen in our wooden shelter and the children are getting really good at remembering their names!

On Thursday we had Tomato soup and tortilla chips instead of our usual hot chocolate.

From the 13th March the Forestry Commission are having Super Worm Trails, the nearest being at Wendover Woods. We will be reading Super Worm next week with the children and having our own mini Super Worm trails in our Nature Garden. If you happen to go to any of the Super Worm Trails please do let us know how you got on!

Phonics School

This week we completed the Alphabet Jigsaw together as a group.

We learnt the sounds of letters “A” to “E” and played “I spy” to think of words to start with each letter.

We looked at stones and spotted words that started with an “A” to an “E”.

Forest School Diary

February 2015 Week 6

We have had lots of fun this week digging for carrots!  We talked about where carrots grow, what colour they are, their special feathery leaves and the animals that like to eat them!

The children were given the opportunity to use a vegetable peeler with one-to-one support.  They all did really well!

The carrots smelt lovely when we peeled them and lots of the children ate them for snack leaving on the the green leaves!  We haven’t seen our robin so far this week but the crows and the wood pigeons have been making lots of noise in the tall trees.

After half term we will be making lanterns!  Instead of pumpkins we will look at watermelons and also candles.  We will talk about fire safety which is an important first step before we start to use our new Kelly Kettle!

We hope you have a fun half term holiday and be on the lookout in your gardens for any wrist sized branches of Hazel or finger sized branches of elder!

Forest School Diary

February 2015 Week 5

At Forest School this week we have had lots of fun searching for specific tasks of Treasure! 

The children found prickly pinecones, soft wool, colourful sweet wrappers, lovely smelling Rosemary from our Herb Garden and heavy pebbles on our rockery. 

Our Forest School robin has been a regular visitor again this week which is really encouraging.

Next week at Forest School we will be digging for carrots and starting to use our tools. 

If you happen to have an allotment and have any vegetables with leaves that the children could try and identify we would love to “plant” them for the children to find!  We will be starting to plant our own again soon, if you would like to help please do let us know! 

Forest School Diary

January 2015 Week 4

Dear Parents

We started this week with an activity to create our own Forest School Character using natural resources, wool and felt pens.

We had some lovely creations, a stick man, a lady with lots of colourful hair and a multi coloured caterpillar! We went on to wrap coloured wool around pine cones and hang them on the bushes for the squirrels.

We have had a robin visit our little Nature Garden and in our meadows Garden we had pigeons and seagulls on Friday Morning. As well as listening to different birds singing we have learnt their names by looking and matching them to photographs.

Next week we will be finding Treasure! We will be searching for something with colour, smell, texture, something soft and something heavy.

Once again if you are outside exploring you could look for some natural resources to add to our Nature Garden!

Forest School Diary

January 2015 Week 3

Dear Parents

The children are all doing really well at getting dressed in their Forest School clothes.

This week we have been searching for colours in our Nature Garden.

Unfortunately someone dropped a lot of sweet wrappers in the garden. We talked about what would happen if the animals and birds were to eat the rubbish and so decided we would pick them up and make pictures using as many colours as we could find!

Whilst we have been drinking our hot chocolate we have been listening to all the different sounds; we have heard birds, cars, planes and children playing.

Next week we are going to be making Forest School characters. Please have a look over the weekend and in the week for any twigs, leaves, conker shells or pinecones to bring in.

Thank You!

Forest School Diary

January 2015 Weeks 1 & 2

Dear Parents

We wanted to say a very big “Thank You” to all parents who have been so enthusiastic about our new Forest School and also “Well Done!” to all of the children. We are all so proud of you for taking your first steps into a new adventure in our Nature Garden and Forest School!

So far at Forest School we have been practising getting dressed into our warm winter coats, waterproof trousers, wellington boots and green high visibility jackets.

We have learnt about boundaries and talked about dangers from the road and how not to run especially when it has been raining as the ground and tree trunks are slippery.

We have had lots of fun with the mud kitchen (mixing mud and water to make dinner!) finding sticks to dig in the mud, looking for worms under tree trunks, using the outside tap to water everything even on rainy days(!), making and splashing in muddy puddles!!!

We have also enjoyed being given the opportunity to have a snack at Forest School. As the weather is so cold at the moment apart from water and milk (Which will always be available) some of the children have also been able to try hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits!

Please don’t worry if your children have allergies or special dietary requirements we have included their individual needs within our preparations for Forest School.

Next week at Forest School we will also have an activity about “Colours” to include talking about rainbows. If over the weekend or during next week you can go exploring outside with your children please look for any differently coloured natural resources to bring in for Forest School. We will be collecting as many different colours as we can find in our Nature Garden and making a picture to take home!